Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why in the world I decided, three days before having a birthday party at my house, to buy & put together a desk, a new kitchen table, and a desk just beyond me. There are pieces of the desk strewn through my room, and in my closet - I was planning on finishing it last night, but around midnight I realized that the reason things were so difficult is that my poor little screwdriver has had too long of a life and has gotten dull edges, so I have to buy a new one before I can finish putting it together. Aggh.

However - once it's finished, it's going to be my new sewing/craft table area. It even comes with areas perfect for storing boxes of yarn and fabric ;]

I finished Sierra sweater on Saturday, but I have been SO swamped I haven't been able to take pictures...I've worn it out twice already, I love it. Cascade Sierra is a really nice yarn to knit with and wear.

Pics soon!